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Friday, November 03, 2006

"Stay near the course"?

STRATEGIST 1: What’s our message? That’s a rhetorical question to myself. The message is, in broad strokes, “We know the course, we’ve seen the course, we’ve been on the course many, many times, but the course has changed a little, in part because it’s a very big course and it’s almost impossible to keep an eye on the whole course and this kind of funny thing happened while we looked away for a minute or were out of town, say, or went on vacation for a while, and what happened was someone—unbeknownst to us and, frankly, without the proper permit—built, like, a detour in the course that took people off course and led them, quite by accident, to, like, a huge bomb factory, but we’re working to shut that bomb factory down and reroute the course back to the original course, which, you have to trust us, goes by some wonderful scenery.” We need that in four words.
STRATEGIST 2: Without the literal mention of the words “bomb,” “factory,” or “stay.”
STRATEGIST 1: You’ve got one hour. Mr. Snow has a press conference to announce the new course. The ideal line says as little as possible.
MAD MAN 1: Understood.
MAD MAN 2: What about something like “Stay near the course”?

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