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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Spread wide for O'Reilly

Is there anyone you would rather have access to your gynocological records (or those of your wife, daughter, sister, or mother) other than Bill O'Reilly?

I mean, who better?

Perhaps your state attorney general? Shouldn't we all open up our most private and personal medical records to the perusal of the courts and radical right media?

The Kansas state attorney general was able to obtain the redacted medical records of about 90 women who had undergone abortions in the state. Then, as if by magic, O'Reilly also had access to the information contained in those records.

The doctor involved is asking the Kansas Supreme Court to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the matter on Monday.

I just may go postal on the next man I encounter who has anything... and I mean anything... to say about the issue of abortion. Let me tell you, men have no say whatsoever on the issue. Men have absolutely no right to have a viewpoint about abortion. None. Not one word!

You may say that if you have impregnated a woman, then you should have a right to say about what happens to the fetus. No, you do not.

Why? Because you do not carry it in your body and you do not own a woman's body. It is the decision of the woman and of the woman only.

You don't like that? Too bad. Complain to God or nature.

You don't like being in that position? Fine. Get a vasectomy. Abstain from sex.

That is how it is. Deal with it. Don't attempt to legislate what we may do with our bodies. Because, guess what? You can't. You can try. You may even pass the laws. But, you cannot keep a woman from aborting a fetus she does not wish to carry in her womb. It will be done, one way or another. Unless you want to begin to imprison every woman who becomes pregnant and force feed her until the birth.

You want to be humane? You want to value life? Then value the life and humaness of every woman who stands before you and make it a safe and easy process rather than a coathanger or a dark alley.

Anything less and I tell you this: It is you who does not deserve to live.

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