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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Southern Expectations Redux

As a Southerner and South Carolinian, I'm especially interested in:

  • Our state races to see if SC has yet turned the corner into the 20th century. (21st would just be too much to hope for!) Ahhh, me. Yes, SC still remains firmly ensconced in the late 1880's at most. No surprise. Just the usual disapointment. We elect Governors who are so idiotic they don't even know what voting regulations their party has strong-armed into the state, re-elect would-be thiefs to be Comptroller General so he can use our money to go on more family vacations, in all probability, we elect a Superintendant of Education who has a virtual stated and express purpose of closing our public schools and giving our tax money to private, religious schools, we vote in a young pup who has no experience and such stupid ideas that his own party apologizes for his lack of intelligence over the man who has guided the State Treasurer's office for decades with honor and capability. Do you know why these IDGITS get elected in the state of SC? Because they are Republicans and Bob Jones Graduates have taken over the entire state. That's why. And, because this state is full of goddamn idiots.

  • Seeing if TN will vote a black/African-American candidate into the U.S. Senate. I am so hoping the answer will be yes. Unfortunately, knowing Tennessee as I do, I doubt seriously if they have the chops to be the first Southern state to do so (since Reconstruction, and face it, that just doesn't count). Look, there just aren't enough minority votes in the state to team up with the low number of progressive whites. I'll be blown away and deliriously happy if I'm wrong. Hey, look, I told you so, okay? I knew what was going to happen in CT, too. I think I said it here, know I said it over at AML. You never abandon a member of your party who is a powerful incumbent. Never. Not unless he buttfucks a dozen teenagers and there are photo's. Forget what weird ideas he may have, even if he's a fucking moonie! He probably has lots of moonie constituents, of one party or another. I mean, duh! Have you learned nothing from Republicans? I'm real proud of the enthusiasm of the liberal blogosphere, but geez, Louise. Listen to your elders. We've seen it all. If it says it's a Democrat, even if it walks and talks like a Republican, get the motherfucker elected. Then leave it to the party elders and senior party senators to break his balls in committee. Which they can do if you've got the fucking MAJORITY. Got it? Think how much all that Lamont energy and money would have done for Webb, or McCaskill, or Tester? Huh? Huh? Got it now?

  • Knowing that Virginia, our most sophisticated and progressive state, the birthplace of so many of our founding fathers, will shake off the dust of history and refuse to re-seat an obvious bigot. Webb isn't my hero, I'm not fond of his misogynist past, but I'm willing to give him the benefit of a doubt. I really hate to say this, but if VA goes into recount and the courts, the Republicans are going to take it. They will. I hate it. I'm just telling ya. I'm not counting on VA. We'll put up a hell of a fight, but you may as well forget it. Allen is the encumbent. Unless there really are a whole lot of votes for Webb that still need to be counted, and they say there are, we're done in VA. We'll see, in a few weeks maybe.

Just keep your fingers crossed for MT (not likely) and MO (possible). Either way, remember, the real power resides in the HOUSE!!!

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