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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Southern Dems will rise again!

Atrios links to Jesus' General's reply to another wacko post at Confederate Yankee, who, thankfully, does not even live in the South. Good riddance.

I'd like to point out that I'm sick to death of every Southerner being labeled as a far right religious evangelical wacko bigot Bush lover. We are not. I would appreciate it if the liberal blogosphere would acknowledge this fact.

Yes, we do tend to be more centrist, we do tend to believe in a strong military to avoid war rather than having to fight wars, and yes, many more attend church and are Christian just like over 70% of all of the U.S., and even those of us who are not church-goers do try to incorporate morality into our lives. This does not mean that we hate gays/lesbians, or are anti-choice. The Democratic minority in the South is not the same as the Republican majority.

I'm just saying, give us some credit for being "real" Democrats, damn it. Here are a just a few Dem bloggers in S.C.; I'll be updating the blogroll soon to reflect these and other Democratic Southern bloggers in the coming days.

Democrats in the South, The Red Meat Liberal, The Blue South, A Lie a Day, Big Fat Liberal

Now, do these sound like conservative Republican-lite blogs to you? Hell, no. We are progressive Southern Democrats and I demand a seat at the table or I'll buzz-saw the damn table, feed it through the wood chipper, and mulch my azalea's with it.

I am sick, sick, sick of all the label making and name-calling going on in the Democratic Party. Have we learned nothing??

Liberal, Progressive, Centrist, Conservative.... What are the definitions? No one knows. No one. What is Liberal to one may be Centrist to another. Where is the line supposed to be between Liberal and Progressive. What the hell is a Conservative Democrat? It is all BULL!

I don't expect anyone of any party or label to agree with me on every issue. For every issue you may be to the left of me on, I will be the left of you on several others. For every issue you are more conservative than I, I may be more right on others. It just fucking depends, damn it! Enough, enough with the labels and the name-calling.

We are Democrats if we believe that there should be government oversight to protect the people from powerful interests who would oppress or endanger the populace. Period.

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