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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Far too anxious!!

Anxiety, nervousness, and stress makes my illness go ballistic, so even though I'll try to make some posts, I recommend you go see Paul over at America's Least Wanted for his excellent coverage.

Josh is doing his usual bang-up job at Talking Points Memo.

Atrios is blogging Eschaton from the CNN party in DC tonight.

All of the big guys are doing great jobs at AMERICAblog, Firedoglake, Hullabaloo, The American Street and Think Progress, see links below.

Last night, I discovered Suburban Guerilla. She's been bloggin' her fingers off and doing a very impressive job, so check her out. She has posted where we all go to meet to start the revolution if they try to fuck us over again. See you there, if need be.

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