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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The long gone South

I, too, remember well...

"In a world that bulldozes its history and has an attention span that likely could be measured in milliseconds, a most remarkable reminder that the pleasures of time and place are to be savored has just come to life in an ambitious book called “The Paper Boy.”

As the region changes, the center moves and so does our orientation, so that we come to think of place as teams and brands. Mobility engenders rootlessness, family lives as snapshots with no beginning or end.

That is a real change for the South, a region where families were attached to land and neighbors were each other’s family historians because their lives and families were woven together over generations. It was nothing, therefore, to talk of the living and the dead as part of the same story, and to fix the events in their lives to houses, seasons, work or to the landscape, creeks, rivers or other distinguishing landmarks."

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