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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Far-left Liberals did not win this election, so stop taking the credit

I'm not naming names, but already, the far left of the liberal blogosphere is trying to take credit for this election and pooh-poohing the move to the center of so many winning Democratic candidates and denigrating the efforts of Emanuel, Dean, etc. I just do not understand what it will take to make them understand that the American electorate is not super liberal, it is not left, and is, instead, in the center. America is centrist.

To win in America, Democratic candidates must be more centrists than far left. That is just how it is. Now, if they want to start a Democratic-Socialist Party or rename the Communist Party and see if they can get the electorate to swing their way, then fine, do it. Just stop trying to hijack the entire Democratic Party and swing it to the unelectable left.

There has never been a far left Democratic President. Quick. Name the most liberal Democratic President ever. Well? Who? Johnson? Huh? Kennedy? I don't think so. Get over yourselves! There hasn't even been very many far left Democratic members of Congress. That is history. That is fact.

I have also heard that the South should just be written off now and that there is no reason to try to make policies that will be palatable to Southerners. Well, to that I simply say "Fuck you."

There are plenty of Democrats down south, and we are, like most of America, primarily Centrists. The South can be won over. And once it is, it will not be fickle like the west and midwest. It never has been. Never will be. Win over the South, and you have a Democratic majority for fifty years or more, just like before. And, you will have Democratic Presidents. Then, the South and the rest of the country can be moved slowly and patiently more to the left.

If you come out swinging your leftist agenda, hating all people who have any religious or moral beliefs, not even to mention Christians, be they moderate, conservative or evangelical, you ain't going anywhere down here, bud. Hell, you might even get shot. But, you aren't going to go any other place either except to the few far right bastions in the country, primarily on the northern west coast and northern east coast. And you cannot win the country with that, remember? Or have you already forgotten?

Most Southern Democrats are Reagan Democrats who became Republicans. These are the exact voters who have put Democrats in the majority. The party just didn't expend enough effort in the South to make a difference. A difference can be made.

Check out this article at

"This time, Republicans fell from power in nearly every region of the country - conservative, liberal and moderate - as well as in every type of district - urban, rural and suburban. Middle-class voters who fled to the GOP a dozen years ago appeared to return to the Democrats, according to exit polls...

Ethics woes, the war and overall anger toward Bush appeared to drive voters to the Democrats, according to surveys by The Associated Press and the TV networks of voters as they left voting places. Several traditionally hard-fought demographic groups - independents, moderates and suburban women - were choosing Democrats. "

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