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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Tweety just pissed me off. I thought he'd been a fairly, if not fair, good boy tonight. Dream lover has been a good influence on him.

After Allen refused to concede defeat, even though he has lost the popular vote, Webb spoke and claimed victory.

McCaskill has just declared victory, as she has won by a good margin with 83% of the votes counted. Talent apparently does not have the good graces to concede, just like Allen.

So what does Tweety say? Not that the LOSERS should concede, but, rather, how DARE the winners declare themselves winners. This when the LOSERS are such ungracious, sore LOSERS that they refuse to concede.

Obviously, the LOSERS are flying in the most powerful, most weasily lawyers they can obtain. Because they are such SORE LOSERS!

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