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Monday, November 06, 2006

Griff for Congress

I've been remiss in showing my support here for our excellent Democratic candidate William "Griff" Griffith, here in Greenville, SC.

Cynicism for S.C. politics overtook me a long time ago, but there is a crack in the Republican armor plating of the state, and it has been widening in the last few weeks. Democrats have been much more vocal and, if one can judge by letters to the editors of our local paper, many people are turning away from Republicans and are eager to elect Democrats.

Mr. Griffith is a very conservative Democrat, an engineer retired from Michelin. I had hoped to be more active in working for his election, but prevented by health, I can, at least, make note of him here, though it is unlikely that I will have readers in the next day or two from the area. It is the thought, in this case, which counts.

Personally, Mr. Griffith is far to the right of my views. However, unlike many Democrats who eviscerate fellow Democrats who do not hold with their every viewpoint, regardless of how liberal or out of the mainstream or how unelectable such viewpoints may make the candidates, I will take what I can get. It's important that we did not get in this position in one fell swoop, but by a gradual erosion by Republican activists. It will take our party time to get back to the true Democratic base. One baby step at a time.

Here is the link to the Griffith website; here is a link to a report at Third Way he referred me to in our email correspondence. Yes, you can email this man and he will take the time to personnally respond. Here is a link to an excellent document, cleverly titled as A Contract with Reality, that outlines his positions. Here is a link to his response to key campaign issues.

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