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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mr. Kissinger

Mr. Kissinger, it's time to go home and tend your garden. Putter, plant, weed, play with your grandchildren, if you have any. Just go home. Thank you for your service, which I am old enough to remember totally sucked, but thank you for your service just the same. Just go home.

A little while ago, I watched Mr. Kissinger being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer. The dottering old fool is dottering foolishly. Since, according to Bob Woodward, Mr. Kissinger is advising the White House again, God help us, there is no wonder why they are so screwed up.

Mr. Kissinger, you told Wolfie that Vietnam was a conventional war and that is one thing that makes it a different type of war than the war in Iraq which is a guerrilla war.

Vietnam. A conventional war.

Mr. Kissinger, have you lost your fucking mind? Vietnam was this country's first unconventional war. Vietnam was nothing if not a guerrilla war.

Were there massive armies lined up on a field who began fighting on cue and stopped on cue? Uh, no. Were there batteries of artillery and tanks firing on one another across a battlefield. Uh, no. Mr. Kissinger, that is what conventional war is and has been throughout history.

You never understood what the heck was going on in Vietnam from day one to the final day, so I suppose I should not be surprised that you still do not. I thought that time and reflection might bring some enlightenment to you, but I was obviously over optimistic.

Do us a favor, Mr. Kissinger. Go home. And shut up.

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