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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We are winning mcwinningness!

It's not posted on their website yet, but according to the ticker at MSNBC, AP is reporting that Jim Webb has unseated Senator George Allen in Virginia. Dream Lover, Keith Olberman, briefly stated that Allen is waiting for the final canvassing before acknowledging his defeat.


Double Hoo-yahs to South Dakota for defeating the draconian abortion ban, Kansas for unseating Attorney General Phill Kline, Arizona for rejecting a gay marriage ban, Oregon and California for refusing to put lives of young girls at risk by requiring them to give parental notification before seeking abortion, and Missouri for endorsing stem cell research. See this report via Eschaton.

Quick Update: Keith just reported that MSNBC has declared Webb the winner and Allen will probably concede by tomorrow evening. Y'know, when he gets around to it.

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