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Saturday, November 04, 2006


"This is not about the midterm elections," continued the editorial, which will appear in the Army Times, Air Force Times, Navy Times, and Marine Corps Times on Monday. "Regardless of which party wins Nov. 7, the time has come, Mr. President, to face the hard bruising truth: Donald Rumsfeld must go."

The Bush administration claim that North Korea cheated or reneged on a 1994 agreement with the U.S. to freeze its nuclear program is "completely false and ridiculous,'' former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said.

Levels of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere hit a record last year, a UN agency says. The world is the warmest it has been in the last 12,000 years... "The evidence implies that we are getting close to dangerous levels of human-made pollution," warned James Hansen, head of Nasa's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, New York. Two federal agencies are investigating whether the Bush administration tried to block government scientists from speaking freely about global warming and censor their research

Bush's performance has added another question that may be answered in the voting -- have most of the American people lost the ability to differentiate between spin and reality?

a Democratic win would be a sign of an overpowering public sentiment "that Republicans here won't overlook," a senior GOP congressional staffer said. "The White House will have to adjust to that reality too,"

In the following video, Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA) takes incriminating documents away from a KDKA-TV reporter.

And as cross posted over at America's Least Wanted:

Several days from what Republican and Democratic campaign strategists expect to be a close election, the legal machinery of a messy fight is shifting into high gear

The Bush administration argues a suspected terrorist who spent years in a secret CIA prison should not be allowed to speak to a civilian attorney

Liberals and some conservatives are saying the party that prides itself on family values has a hypocrisy problem

A radio talk show host was fired Friday... he told listeners he wished someone would "tell the fat lesbian to shut up."

FBI Director has issued a stern message to the bureau’s nearly 30,000 employees warning them against leaks of confidential information after recent news articles disclosed criminal inquiries involving incumbent lawmakers, mainly House Republicans.

midterm election projected to cost more than $2.6 billion

A naked man was arrested on suspicion of carrying a concealed weapon after telling police he had a screwdriver in his buttocks. The man was lying on a tree stump masturbating beside a nature path...

The secretary of state is expected to stay above the partisan fray, but Rice is on a media blitz

Houston has stopped offering free flu shots at early voting sites after Republicans alleged it was a ploy by the mayor to lure more Democrats to the polls.

NYPD detective claiming his wife spiked his meatball dinner with marijuana

Politics may not be in the blood, but it could be in the genes. That's the theory a team of political scientists and geneticists is trying to prove

Professor's Bigfoot research criticized, Meldrum firmly believes the lumbering, shaggy brute exists

If Republican Centrists lose in droves next week, the House GOP conference will become even more conservative than it has been in recent years. That has wide-ranging implications, no matter which party wins the majority.

Robert G. Marshall, a Prince William County Republican who wryly refers to himself as Virginia's "chief homophobe," was just warming up

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