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Friday, November 03, 2006

Lara Croft Interviews Gen. Casey at 11

You know what? I would have posted something about the whole purposefully misconstrued statement of John Kerry and the criminally cynical liars of the White House and Republican leadership Idgits, but I wanted to deprive the media. Yes, I was afraid to mention anything because I was afraid some bot would find that another Democrat had made reference to it and so they would be able to drone on and on about it for, at least, another news cycle or so. They would dig that deep and go that low.

After all, I heard on CNN tonight that...heh, his name always cracks me up...Boehner was right, you see, to blame the generals for the failed war. Yes, he was right. It's all the generals fault. Because they should "ask" for more troops if they need them, and they haven't.

Perhaps they haven't asked because they would like to keep their jobs? Perhaps they have asked and been denied. If they had been, they would not be free to announce it the media. That would be tantamount to treason, both in the military frame of mindset, and most definitely construed to be as such by the Bushies and Rummy Idgits.

How many generals have resigned or retired just so they could speak their minds to the media and the American people? How many does it take to convince the media that the Pentagon is headed by a fucking nitwit? And, that the buck should be stopping in at the Oval Office. Or at least, waving as it passes down Pennsylvania Avenue.

If you're as sick of biased, corporate controlled media as I am, check this out. I'd rather get my news from Lara Croft than Paula Zahn, anyway.

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