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Friday, November 03, 2006

Take a break

When things just get too damn depressing, like when thinking about how our votes are probably not going to be counted, be counted incorrectly, or be actually changed and counted opposite of how they are cast, I like to visit a blog that is too damn funny.

The guy doesn't know I exist and is apparently a Brit currently on vacation in Colombia (yeah, Colombia), I've gotta recommend you visit and click on just about any of his past posts. If you don't crack up, then just chalk it up to my bizarro sense of humor.

You've gotta admit, though, that getting in shape from running from dogs is original, and just take a look at a post about
Christopher Hitchens:

He often burst into song in the middle of lectures; sometimes even in the middle of sentences: "History, too, might have endings and ironies that are simply inscrutable, or that do not yield to any known dialectic, and now I am the ruler of the Queen's Naveee." As he sang, he picked up a chair and waltzed around the room with it in the most extraordinary manner. After several minutes of this he stood rigidly to attention, announced that he had murdered his wife the previous evening, then collapsed on the floor sniggering.

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