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Friday, October 20, 2006

Murder! Murder, I say.

Why does broadcast news media never use the word "murder" except on trash like Nancy Grace on CNN? You'll never hear it on news programs on CNN, or in print media, or any other outlet I've found.

Even if someone is convicted of murder, they will say "so-and-so was convicted of killing" his victim.

Killing is killing and murder is murder. Killing is not murder. Murder is killing on purpose.

Soldiers kill in war. A person attacked, kills his attacker. A woman being beaten by her husband, kills him and not often enough.

Do murderers deserve the same benevolence or benefit of a doubt as they?

The man who executed Amish schoolgirls did not kill them. He murdered them. Did you hear the word murder in any of the coverage or see it in any written account? I didn't.

There used to be a saying "call a spade, a spade", which I don't think had a racist connotation. The only spade I know of is in the garden or a pack of cards, but there's no telling how anything will be taken anymore.

Political correctness for the sake of hurting the feelings or sensibilities of the innocent or overly sensitive is one thing. But, I think it's a sad day when so-called reporters of the so-called news are too timid to call a murder a murder and a murderer a murderer.

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