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Sunday, October 29, 2006

My World of Global Gynarchia

I have been collecting information and mulling over the topic of misogyny, especially in the realm of politics. For example, the so-called "bimbo ad" run in Tennessee in an attempt to smear Harold Ford. Much has been made about the ad being racist. Yet, in every report I've seen about the ad, whether in print/web journalism, television media, or even blogs, there has been no mention of how denigrating it is in its portrayal of women, i.e., "the bimbo".

I seriously doubt if even a playboy bunny would act in such a way as portrayed by the actress in the commercial. Even if one would, to use that stereotype is an insult to thinking, educated women everywhere.

Anyway, I'm not delving far into the subject at this time. I just wanted to share a website I came across that made even my cynical, jaded jaw drop in its breath-taking hatred of all things feminine, of all women. Apparently a tool of the far religious right ultra-anti-choice idgets who are men and who suffer mightily in their affliction of uterus envy, this site has been visited by over 3 million people.

Having not actually witnessed Hitler's Nazism in my lifetime, I must say that this display is just about the most vile thing I have ever seen in my life. Just like Nazism, it attempts to present a face of blandness, but you only have to scrape its surface to find the hatred and pure misogyny. It's scary and it's frightening to know there are men who actually think this way. The authors of this site would say my making that statement was evidence of how women have skewed history in order to make themselves victims of men in order to further our Global Gynarchia. Yep, that's right. Global Gynarchia. You know, since women have held complete and absolute power over all of humankind since the dawn of time.

If it weren't so sick, it would be hilarious.

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