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Saturday, October 28, 2006

A rose by any other name

Look, I'm fed up with nimcompoops. Let's set this straight. Civil unions are marriages. They are marriages made in the civil arena as opposed to marriages made in a religious arena. Way back, I dunno, around 1500ad or so and the Council of Trent maybe, or maybe later by English civil law, (what the fuck does it matter?) marietal unions being made in a church were allowed by the legal system and accepted as legally valid. IT WAS NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! A religious service, or any service at all as far as common law marriage, has not EVER been necessary or required for people to unite in a civil union, i.e., marry.

The Church has no power in the civil arena. The civil arena may grant the Church the opportunity to marry people and have that marriage accepted in the civil arena IF the couple gets a state provided license. It's the fracking license, stupid, that makes it LEGAL! Not the mumbojumbo.

Church people need to just shut the frack up about gay marriage, schmay marriage, civil unions or whatever the hell you want to call it. If Joe and Sam two streets over want to enter into a legal binding contract and call it a marriage or a civil union or a prisoner exchange program, it will not destroy your marriage, your church, your family, your child or have any effect on you and your beliefs and lifestyle whatsoever. So shut the frack up.

If you want the freedom to marry or contract with another person of the opposite sex, then you have to tolerate people of the same sex to do the same. It's the price of freedom. For you to be free, everyone else gets to be free, too.

If you are a politician, like Hillary Clinton or Harold Ford, speak sense or shut the fuck up. If you cannot educate people about your position, you are not persuasive enough to be a goshdamn dogcatcher. So, if you think you are making any sense, whatsoever, when you say something inane like, "I support civil unions between persons of the same sex but I oppose gay marriage", you are simply and unequivocably full of shit.

Personally, I don't give a shit either way. I'm a heterosexual and I was married to a man once. I think anyone who wants to bind their life, welfare, happiness and well-being to another human being for a nano-second is freaking batshit insane.

As far as politicians are concerned though, I'm sick, sick, sick of being lied to and I want it to stop, now. This minute. Even though some people may nod their head sagely when they hear a nitwit say, "I love blueberry pancakes but I hate pancakes with blueberries in them", I'm not one of them. I hear that and think, that's either a liar or an idiot. If you say you don't support either, then you are a fascist. So, which are you?

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