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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"Threat" is from an internet posting

Good Grief!! This brohaha is from an internet posting by some yahoo on October 12th. Internet posting! Yahoo! October 12th! And, omigod, CNN is going on about it as though it deserves airtime. Oh yeah, Wolf has just asked the BIG question, if its not credible then why pass it on? Clark Ervin says it’s because there was criticism when info about threats about 9/11 were not released. Ho-hum, yaaaaaawwwnnn! Yeah, right. Like they don’t get any threats except just before elections, eh?

Today is the 18th. The “threat” was made on the 12th. What? Did it take Homeland Security 6 days to find the posting? Or maybe did they only decide to release it today, one day after the greatest, real threat to this country was signed into law, i.e., the Military Commissions Act of 2006… The Torture Bill.

What better way to: a) distract the public from realizing that their right of habeas corpus has just been stripped from them so that any posting or any act the President decides is a threat can land me or you or yo mamma in jail and tortured with no right to see the evidence or know what charges are being made?
b) make idiots and other Republicans think such a violation of everything this country has ever stood for is completely justifiable.

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