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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Crocodile hearts, if ya ask me

James Wolcott eviscerates Peggy Noonan and others in his own inimitable style here. Apparently, Hillary Clinton had the temerity to wear a cross around her neck. Hillary, a Christian, is also a Democrat and, therefore, unworthy of displaying a symbol of her faith.

Feast your eyes:

"I credit Hillary Clinton for her witty understatement in provocative neck wear. Where Madonna feigns martyrdom on a neon crucifix, Hillary need only to let a wee diamond cross gleam as the symbol of her faith to madden the midnight hags. She dangles the bait, and their crocodile jaws snap. For them, no professional of religious faith from a liberal Democrat can be sincere, unless he or she is black (then it's assumed their handclaps rock to a gospel beat). This goes double for Hillary, their idea of an irredeemable phony. Only Republicans are permitted to pretend to be devout, their heads bowed in prayer as visions of comely pages and luxury-suite hookers flicker behind their eyeballs. Peggy Noonan seems especially miffed, perhaps because she assumed she had a monopoly on pious emissions, and doesn't appreciate Hillary crowding her act."

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