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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Real Threat, Ignored

Democrats need to get ahold of themselves and quit slathering about and drooling down their chins over the Republican scandals and the still very slight possibility of taking back one, or even, please dear mamma, two houses of Congress when this nation is under a real threat to our peace. Relative peace. If it can be called peace when your military is entangled in a ridiculous mess less akin to war than to trying to get a feral family of cats out of a firethorn bush for no reason other than a megalomaniac's whimsy.

Still, our little foray into the thorns is indeed a comma compared to the world of shit we are going to be in should this situation in North Korea escalate. And its all going to be because... are you ready?... Bush's White House wasn't paying attention. Although, wait just a minute. According to McCain, isn't this lap full of nuclear shit all Clinton's fault?

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