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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The best way to begin

I can't think of a better way to begin this blog than by pointing out that there is a pervasive, utter lack of morality in this country. Even basic respect for each others humaness, if there is such a word, has absented daily life, professional life, family life, and most profoundly, religious and political life.

There is no excuse for it and I, for one, demand that it stop.

Were we not all raised to play well with others, to share, to do unto others as we would have them do unto us, for God's sake?? And that if we did not, there would be consequences to pay. Okay, sure, maybe some aren't, but upon reaching the age of majority, surely everyone has at least been exposed to the concepts. There are no excuses.

There is no excuse for the religious right. They are not the sole proprietors of the knowledge of what is good and what is not. Nor were they appointed by their God to be the judges of the earth. In fact, they were admonished to not do so.

The Rude Pundit writes:

Echoing the President's rhetoric on Iraqistanalqaeda, since we live in a time of such a lack of subtlety, Perkins couches this all in terms of another of the endless battles for civilization we're engaged in: "One thing is for sure - the ideological clash between hedonistic secularists and Americans who draw their political values from moral law - will continue until one side or the other prevails. Battles over these issues are being waged in every political jurisdiction in America. Their collective outcome will determine whether our children will inherit religious freedom. Without it, they will have no real freedom at all."

First of all, "Americans who draw their political values from moral law"? Is he kidding? What moral law is he referring to? The 10 Commandments which are only 10 of hundreds the God of Moses mythologically handed to the people of Israel and which were taken almost completely carved letter by letter from the Code of Hammurabi? Perhaps Mr. Perkins of the Family Research Council should research why Christians get to pick and choose which moral laws of their God they will and will not obey. I bet if he did, he might just stumble around enough to discover what real religious freedom means.

Perhaps he might discover the massive bloodshed in Europe and primarily in Britain when the Christians were sorting out which laws which Protesant sect would obey as opposed to those of the Catholics. You know, when if a person didn't believe as you, you simply killed him, oftentimes by most ingenious and ghastly methods such as burning, once you'd finished torturing him. And they did this for hundreds of years!

It's a little bloodcurdling, to realize that the same people who tortured and murdered then are supporting whole heartedly those who subvert our Constitution in order to do so today, isn't it?

Religious freedom only came about by SEPARATING religion from government. If they truly value their religious freedom, they need to keep it the heck out of politics. And by remembering that the only reason they have freedom is because everyone else has it, too. They don't get to be the only free people in this sorry world of ours, now or ever.

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