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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Faithful Democrats

I've just watched a segment on CNN with Roy Herron from (a great site for Christian Dem's, check it out) and Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The discussion was about whether anyone "owned" the Christian Evangelical vote. The consensus actually seemed to be that the answer was "no". I almost fell out of my chair to hear Land say that the only factor in how evangelicals vote is the candidate running. Now, of course, this is a lie, but that he even said it signaled a huge shift in the thinking and presentation of the SBC. I've been watching for this since the cabal of Church of God holy-rollers who hijacked the Southern Baptists were recently voted out. The pastor of my mothers church was elected in their place. A reasonable, intelligent man who is much more representative of the real Southern Baptists.

I only cringed once, can you believe that? It was when Land said that "God is pro-life".

First of all, there is no human being who can speak for God, because if there is a God, and if there is to be a God, then He is beyond human understanding, yet alone human explanation. Personal opinion.

Second of all, I wish these people would decide which God it is that they believe in. Supposedly, the Christian God is the same God as the God of Judaism, the God of the "old testament", which is the same God of the Torah and Pentateuch.

News flash! It’s settled rabbinical scholarship that, according to God, life begins at birth. So, yah, God is pro-life. God is all for human beings that have been born and are living, breathing, viable entities.

Gooey clump of cells, not so much.

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Thanks for posting about our Co-Chair Roy Herron. We appreciate the publicity and would like to invite you to check out our site some more and feel free to post from the reader diaries.

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