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Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Heart Olbermann

I have always had quite a crush on Keith Olbermann, but after his commentary last night, I think I'm in sweet, sweet puppy love with the guy. I linked to the vid previously when I was pretending to be Patrick Henry, but before you get the idea that I'm completely out out of touch with reality, (and I wouldn't be the only one, now would I?) get a good strong dose of the hard stuff here if you can't do video.

It wouldn't have surprised me a bit to have awakened this morning to news that Keith (yes, I'm calling him by his first name, we're just that close!) had been the first, if not the inevitably last, American arrested as an Unlawful Enemy Combatant. I breathed a sigh of relief if not surprise that my love was safe for now, but spoke of my fears to a real-life loved one (yeah, my mom... don't get tooo excited for me).

Now, I see that I am not alone in my fears for my hunk of burning love man, and that these fears are not the groundless worries of a woman lost in passion.

So, do me a favor, will ya? Watch my sweetheart on MSNBC every weeknight at 8pm. If you can't make it, catch him at 12:00 midnight right after Jon-Jon and Stevie-boy. Make it a date... yes, yes, a date! That's what I want. And I do like to get what I want, y'know.

Remember, Keith needs me, he really, really needs me...uh, I mean you, yeah, you, that's right.

And write to GE, I mean, MSNBC and tell 'em that if they yank him (oops!) you're gonna throw your fridge, dishwasher, washer, dryer, vibrator, whatever... right out the door and go with, I dunno, Maytag or something.

Do it for Keith. Do it for us.

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