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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Projecting, maybe

Okay , listen up. I'm suffering from an incurable disease that might benefit from stem cell research which is having to take place in Sweden because of Rush Limbaugh and his devotees and other idgets of that ilk. I've been really sick this week, so this whole thing with Michael J. Fox, has really pissed me off. My illness just makes me sick and disabled, and is not life threatening in and of itself. His illness is much more serious and devastating and I won't even entertain the slightest notion that our situations are comparable except in regard to the stem cell research.

Still, fatso drug addict Rightous Rush and his ilk have pissed me off mightily. So much so that I can't even post about it. I'm posting about gay marriage instead. I'm projecting. Sue me.

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