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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Democrats, show some guts!

In a speech to the military in Charleston of my home state yesterday, Bush said that if we pull out of Iraq, the terrorists will follow us here.

What? Are there so few terrorists that they don't have enough to send over here now? If there are that few, what the hell are we worried about? Sounds like another reason to get out of Iraq to me.

Should those few follow us, I suppose they will have no problem getting in since he has failed to secure our borders or our ports.

He also said in an earlier speech that Democrats have no idea how to win in Iraq. Like he does. Neither he nor anyone in this country even knows what the hell we're trying to win in Iraq. How will we know when we win since he keeps changing the reasons why we went there in the first place? This bozo is such a joke.

He repeated the charge that the Democrats have said we will leave Iraq now, immediately. Overwhelmingly, Democrats have called for a staged withdrawal, not immediate retreat. This liar is such a liar.

Democrats: DO NOT let the Republicans paint us as soft on defense. We must address this accusation with full force. We must emphasize that we are stronger on defense than are they, that we will enforce the 9/11 Reports recommendations, we will secure our ports and borders and chemical and nuclear plants. We will defend our country, not uselessly invade a irrelevant countries with no ties to terrorism. We will prosecute the war on terrorism to its fullest, and defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan, who do harbor terrorism.

Democrats are no longer the party of the 60's. If the party is smart, they'll listen to Democrats like Dave "Mudcat" Saunders. If the Democratic Party becomes the party with guts, balls, and military strength bolstered, rather than tempered, by strong diplomacy, then we will make gains in the South this election, and we could win the South in the next. If we get back the votes of FDR Democrats who have just been voting Republican since it began to seem like Democrats were the party of the gutless, we will win the South. If we win the South, we win. Period. Mark my words. Forget Ohio. As the South goes, so goes the nation.

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