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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Show bizzy and serial killers

Jake Gylllandallydallyhall was just on Jon Stewart's. I really want to see "Zodiac" if it gets good reviews. I've always been fascinated by 3 killers.... Zodiac, Jack the Ripper, the Boston Strangler, and one killer killer, the killer of the Black Dahlia. Actually, I'm not so interested in the monsters themselves but the mystery surrounding who they were. An unsolved mystery drives me bananas. I've read books, watched documentaries and movies and generally tried to find out all that I could. It's the analyst in me, I guess. It seems like if I could just find out everything, I could solve it. Not that I could, just that I'd like to try.

I was so disappointed in the movie about the Black Dahlia. It sucked. (Suck is my word of the day.) It was all atmospheric and relationship oriented. Gag me. I wanted the mystery. Plus, they just made most of that shit up. It wasn't in the book.

So, I'm curious about the "Zodiac" movie. If they bullshit it, I'll know. I've read the book twice. And the guy who wrote it thinks he knows who is was but I don't agree. He made some tremendous leaps. Wonder how they'll treat it? They should leave it as unsolved, because it is.

While I'm on movies, let me just say that we just had the most boring Oscars EVAH. As I don't see every single movie, I never feel qualified to decide who deserves the award so I just watch it for the fashions. I love fashion even though I usually look like a reject from the homeless shelter. Fashion has been sorta the family business, so it had to rub off on me. Especially since I went to work in the business when I was about 13 (with special permission). Thereafter, my work choices veered off wildly. But I still love me some fashion. And what did I see Sunday night? Beige. Rosy beige, white beige, greenish beige, beige beige. Maybe a little champagne beige. Omigod, I thought I would barf beige. The only women who did not dress in beige were beige women. Like whats-her-name, Mrs. Ex-Cruise, oh yeah, Nicole Kidman. Has her face been replaced with a plastic mask, ya think? And that voice! All squishy soft. Don't you know that she probably shrieks like a crazed harridan in reality? So phony, I want to slap that botox right outta her mask. And the hair! Geezalouisa, was there a line out of Haircrafters or did they just hack at their own heads? And the long haired women had hair that was so in need of a trim that it just devolved into wisps of dead ends at the bottom. Eeeewwwww!

'kay. Done.

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