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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Live blogging Idol sorta

Lakisha wins. Hands down. If not, there's something seriously wrong.

Guys suck. All of them. Not worth watching. Don't like 'em. The few that can sing a lick are repulsive to look at. Yuck.

ALL of the white girls suck. Give it up. Go home. You suck.

The only one who can give Lakisha any competition is the backup singer girl, don't know her name.

The absolute worst one is that girl with the porno pics on the 'tubes. She totally sucks. But I don't mean in the pics, 'cuz I don't think that's really her.

Can we just vote all of them off now and get right to Lakisha and the backup girl? Otherwise, just a big waste of time.

And what is with all these sappy dedications? Yaaaaawwwnnn. Who cares? Booorrriiinnng.

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