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Friday, February 23, 2007


I do get so tired of having to defend the south, especially against those "observers" or transplants who basically know jack shit about the region, like some previous commenters.

"He stood up to the Yankees. He proved to Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, and the rest that he felt their pain: tribally, he was one of them"

I mean, huh? I was 23 at the time and I don't recall anyone down here thinking a damn thing about where Reagan announced nor that he was any less of a Yankee than anyone else not born here. Reagan barely squeeked by in the South in the election and lost Georgia. SC-49.57-48.04, TN-48.70-48.41, AL-48.75-47.45, MS-49.42-48.09, NC-49.30-47.18 with Anderson-2.85.

Comparable to Massachusetts at 41.90-41.75, except that 15.15 went to Anderson.

Who the fuck lost this election to the Republicans here and why is the South always blamed? More so, why is the South always blamed BECAUSE the South is RACIST?

Give me a freakin' break, people. Compare to NH-57.74-28.35, PA-49.59-42.48, OH 51.51-40.91.

How about UT 72.77-20.57? Was that because they are RACISTS? NV-62.54-26.89. RACISTS all, huh?

I have lived all over this country and I am telling you people that the least racist people in this nation are southerners, and I don't give a flying fuck what you think if you think otherwise, because if you think otherwise then you are a fucking ignorant bigot against southerners, be they republican or democrat. There is a much higher per capita percentage of bigots in the west and the north than in the south, goddammit. We have a much higher number of African Americans who we interact with daily, whereas most westerners and northerners are terrified of black people on sight.

Reagan won in the south for the same damned reasons he won in the rest of the entire nation. Last time I checked, we were still part of this nation, regardless of whether any of us still prefer state sovereignity to a rapacious and imperial federal government now headed by a crazed demigod.

I am so tired of this boring, ignorant bullshit.

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