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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Poke out Red Eye

Oh. My. God. There is a program on Faux called Red Eye. This is the first time I've seen it. Hosted by some fat slob named Gutfeld.

Jeebus! They are TRYING TO BE COOL! It is freakin' hilarious!! That is, if you can catch a breath to laugh at them between having your breath taken away by their sexist, anti-gay, anti-hispanic, anti everyone but so super cool giggling white asswipes.

Oh, now they are giggling and being bashful about saying the word "vagina" but just said about date rape, hey, everyone knows who's been to a frat party that girls get drunk and bad things happen... with a shrug of the shoulders.

And that the planet is 4500 years old.

It's vile, disgusting, really quite beyond words. But, Ace just loves it, doncha know. Wouldn't ya know.

(image lifted from Pete Brisbane and I woulda asked permission but yer comments were closed)


jim treacher said...

His blog stinks too!

wendypete said...

omigod i actually WATCHED that show! please tell me that's not on every night?? even if the halftime guy in the newsroom was pretty cute!