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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dollars in the fridge

Rep. William Jefferson has not been charged with a crime, despite the fact that the FBI raided his offices in May of last year. They have had plenty of time to charge him with a crime if there was any evidence that he had committed one. The timing of the raid was suspicious to me, considering the multitudes of Republicans caught up in obvious crimes against the people at the time. Whoohoo! Looky here, don't look there!

If the man wanted to keep ninety thousand bucks in his 'fridge, he has every right to do so. That is not a crime. Personally, I don't even think its suspicious.

He's an older man from the south. An eccentricity like that is nothing unusual in the south. My mother, considerably older for sure, still has a healthy, I think, distrust of banks in general. I think it stems from the Great Depression. (She also hoards food like you would not believe!) Add that to an even greater distrust of banks amongst older black people in general, and the fact that he is from Louisianna where death and destruction (without much help from government) lingers around every corner, and I'd probably be keeping a hoard of cash somewhere handy if I were him.

Not that he might be guilty as hell. But, until proven so, I think he should be allowed to serve on any committee where he could do so relatively harmlessly should he be on the take.

If Rep. Jim Clyburn of my home state stands by him, so would I.

For Republicans to hoot and point fingers takes a hell of a lot of gall on their part. Not that that is anything unusual.

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