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Friday, December 15, 2006

Ruffling feathers

I'm declaring a moratorium on politics for the remainder of the year. Yeah, I know I said something similar before, but this time for real. Really. Okay, unless something particularly annoying comes up or I find something particularly special that I'd like to share.

Anyway, in my search for bright spots, I have found them mostly from the Brits, the Aussies, and the Kiwi's. Somehow, it seems they have managed to maintain their sense of humor. I see little of it in American blogs. Everything is just so damn depressing for us. So, I turn to our brethren.

Here is a particularly special creative post that I found compelling at Waffling up the Kiwi. A bit:

The bus caught up to the woman at the next stoplight, and I made a point of yawning and ruffling my feathers as she stood waiting for the light to change. She tried not to look – it’s so cute, they always try so hard – before turning and heading back down the street the way she came as the bus dieseled away.

I looked down at my watch, the display blank - yes I realize the irony of having a dead battery thank you – and thought about asking someone for the time but noticed that there was no one sitting within two seats of me. People choosing to break yet another commandment of bus riding by doubling-up rather than sitting near me. Whatever, you want to give me that much space? Fine. So I stretched out my wings completely spanning almost the entire width of the bus (“Dude…whoa…like…dude…I gotta get me some more of this weed man,” a guy a few rows behind me mumbled to himself.)

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