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Friday, December 08, 2006

Elvis' Balls

For my Friday night catblogging this evening, I present Elvis. The only man in my life who still has his balls. And the clock is ticking...

Poor little Sugar, here a tiny kitten beside brother Spicey. He had the audacity to run out the door only days after Spicey had done the same and been struck by a car. Thankfully living, but costing me hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Sugar came back limping, and within days had a huge abcess on his leg from fighting another cat during his prohibited escapade. So, I fixed him. No. I mean I really fixed him. Fixed his leg and fixed him good while I was at it. Well, I didn't exactly. The vet did. Another couple of hundred but that'll teach him.

Oh, sure. That'll teach him. Just like it taught Spicey after he did the same thing. It taught him so well that he still ran out again and got hit by a freakin' car!

What is with the male species? With or without their balls.

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