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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Misogyny in the here and now

If you are living in a dream world where you truly believe that women are considered equal to men and that women who point out the insanely rampant misogyny in this society are empty alarmists, then I've got a little enlightenment for you.

Go here and tell me if you can read more than a dozen of the responses to a well reasoned and rational letter written by a woman at the University of New Hampshire without wanting to vomit. You might want to gear yourself up for it first by reading Twisty's comments. Going in cold to that level of abject hatred could be hazardous to your health.

Spend a little time with the absolutely superb post by Res at The Republic of Dogs about the situation at FDL which turned into what absolutely appears to be "a full-on sexist infestation at FDL". FireDogLake was once one of my favorite "big dog" blogs, but once I started reading some of the comments, I saw time and again that it was a place where you either agreed with the community mind-speak, or you were troll labeled out of existence. I've also noted a, shall we say, certain arrogance in many of Jane Hamsher's postings which left a bad taste in my mouth.

I haven't made up my mind what to think about the community there, but this episode, coupled with some others I've observed, give me reservations about the blog. I have a small group of readers, at this point, I know. Still, this blog is my baby and my blogroll is my personal honor roll. I don't add blogs there lightly and only do so once I'm convinced that it belongs. Which is why FDL is coming off, at least for now. Not that anyone cares or that it matters to anyone but me.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Thanks for the RoD linky love. I'm sure Res will stop by and comment shortly.

BlueKat said...

Thanks, AG! I was distracted by a little family drama for awhile so I've just gotten around to updating my blogroll. Taking off FDL made a perfect spot for RoD to move to from my folder of "BestBlogs". I've been lurking around the Republic for quite awhile and it's belonged there a long time anyway. Keep up with the freshness, entertainment, and provocation. I wish I were 1% as good.

Res Publica said...

Thanks for the link, BlueKat! I'm glad you liked my post...I put a lot of thought into that one, for once. I'm off right now, but I'm looking forward to coming back by later and checking out your blog. Cheers!

Res Publica said...

PS, your link to "I Blame The Patriarchy" is a mark of good taste. We are great fans of Twisty Faster over at the Republic.