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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A magnificent beast

The world has lost a magnificent beast, sadly. Barbaro showed more heart in drive to win on the racetrack and in his bravery and determination to live than any horse I've seen in my lifetime.

There are few animal lovers more fervent than I, but I love horse racing when it is conducted with the health and well-being of the racers uppermost, as it is for the very most part in this country. I hold no ill will toward racetracks, the sport of racing, the owners of racing thoroghbreds and certainly not his owners. I admire them and sympathize with them for their devotion to this animal. They did all they could, but I knew in my heart the inevitability of his death the moment I witnessed the injury. It tore out my heart as does the hurt of any living creature.

His hurt was a good deal more profound than most. Why? Because as anyone who knows horses could tell you from his behavior before the race, in the paddock as well as how he burst prematurely through the gate, his spirit was determined to win that race. He was doing what he loved. He was attempting to fulfill a destiny that was bred into his very genes. I believe he would have won the triple crown. It was written in his eyes and all over those magnificent flanks.

I have loved horses with a passion since a little girl and ridden a good deal though never enough. Arabians are born to run. Arabians are happiest with a rider on their back. My mother had several Arabians she spoilt like pets, but as wild as they were, they were happier once they began their training. You could see it in their eyes. They needed purpose.

Barbaro had a purpose and he strove with all his might to fulfill that purpose. Let us all learn a lesson from his all too brief life.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Focusing so much on politics is damaging my health at this point. Recently, I've found that the least little upset is having a very negative impact on managing my symptoms. When watching a news report on a not terribly active day sends you on repetitive journeys from bed to bathroom for 12 hours, it's time to find a new hobby.

So, expect possibly fewer posts or more diversity in postings. Depending.

State of my mind

I didn't watch the State of the Union. I have absolutely no interest in anything that man has to say.

I'm listening to a bit of the post commentary. My mind wandered during Webb's rebuttal. No tonal modifications. Hope what he said was good. John Edwards says whats on his mind which I love. Hillary Clinton says what she thinks she should which I hate. Barack Obama says a bunch of words meaning nothing which I loathe. Except now he's gushing on how wonderful Bush has been in giving money to help the sick in Africa. Hey, I'm all for it. Right after those of us in America who are sick and getting sicker, some unable to work, and unable to afford $300 to $600 a month for health insurance if we could even get it, have universal health care or at least don't have to hire lawyers and wait two years to get on Medicare.

I think it's laughable that the media has virtually annointed Senator Clinton as the next Democratic candidate for the Presidency. As if they could. Historically, if there is one thing in life unpredictable, it is the Democratic primary voter. And that is all that counts.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

"Run away! Run away! Run Away!...."

This guy has a much more exciting life than I.

Via Althouse (ashamedly).


I'd like to point out a blog I've just discovered. It is the blog of a young muslim woman in the UK. I wish I could find more like her. I want to hear her opinions, see through her eyes and widen my perspective.

Her name is Shelina Zahra Janmohamed and her blog is Spirit21.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oh. My. God.

Check out this eye-popping and soul destroying post at DownwithTyranny:

The gap between the very rich and the rest of American society has become a chasm so mighty under the Bush Regime that it is nearly impossible to see from one side to the other. The disparity of incomes between the boss and his employees are bigger than ever-- much bigger. And it's worse in the U.S. than in any other developed country. In Japan a boss makes 11 times what his employees make. In Germany it's 12 times and in France it's 15 times, more. That grows to 20 times more in Italy and Canada and 22 times more in the U.K. Under George Bush, the disparity has risen to 475 times more! In other words, if a worker in Canada makes $40,000 a year, his boss makes $800,000. Not bad. In the U.S., the boss of that worker would make $19,000,000. This isn't a coincidence. It is the result of Bush Republican policies and initiatives. Raising the minimum wage a little might help but until the Democrats tackle Bush's policies of relentless class warfare head on, the disintegration of the American middle class and the brutalization of the American working class will continue.

Dustin' it off

Excellent comment to MaxSpeaks' Max in a posting on TPM, My Left Fanny ... big brush up over dissin' '60's activisim. I might pay for it but I had my say here.

On January 16, 2007 - 2:35am TonyForesta said:
The leftright speak is irrelevent. In free societies the pendulem swings back and forth in mechanical ways.
The hippies did change the world, and America, and anyone pretending to deny that fact, or hating that period or those who fought those battles is either pathologically partisan or simply not informed.
These were real battles, (civil rights, womens rights, labor rights, youth rights, ending the Viet Nam war et al.), fought in real streets, with the shedding of real blood, and the loss of real lives, and the changing of real laws and policies, - quite unlike the somnabulance and catastrophic apathy of the current and most recent generationa who are obdurately insulated and removed, detached from, and ignorant of any real issue or concern or crisis confronting all human beings in this wild and violent moment, that it is much easier to simply TALK, and WATCH the world disintegrate around us, and pretend things will somehow get better, or that there is nothing anyone can do, and other such nihilistic defeatist gibberish and pathetic apathy. The hippies and the 60's generation stood up!!
They took it to the street, they shut down campuses, they organized movements that bled into, and were beautifully expressed in music, art, theater, and literature, and they had the courage, and the will, and the conviction, and the tenacity to face the brutality of the state, and the clubs and bullets of the police state, and the viscious sliming of the socalled intelligencia in the socalled media, - and they fought, and they struggled, and they won these battles.
The tragedy, and the failure of the old left is that pendulumn swang back again, and the young grew old, and America prospered, ended Viet Nam, avoided war or major combat operations, and basically got fat and rich and somnabulant.
Just as Rome and all the great empires eventually decayed and rotted from within and the sons daughters of hero's and champions wore the tattered masks of hero's and preached the gospels of forgotten religions, - the same decay and rot infects our society, of realworld reality series, infotainment, videogame dangerously detached youth.
The world is on fire and crumbling around us, and today's generation is focued on the empty shallow numbnoneness of surreality as reality, and realworld FAKERY, APATHY, SOMNABULANCE, and NARCICISM.
Our government pervets, betrays, and dismembers the core principle that formally defined America, - and the current generation is focused on the OC, MTV, MY SPACE, or MY FACE, and tragically apathetic. Worse, this generation has no real courage. Courage, honor, honesty, integrity, are lost and forgotten notions to this generation who is rabidly focused on getting some, and looking cool doing it.
Slime the hippies all you want, but the sad and tragic reality is the somnabulants and apathetic realworld posers of this moment are pathetic spectators, and woefully lacking the courage to step up and fight for what is right.
And to preempt any wingnutsia sliming of theleft for not supporting our troops, - the relatively miniscule primarily minority and lower class volunteers that are sent to ill gotten misadventures and senseless wars for the profits of the superrich, and fascist cabals in the Bush government - are the best of us, and the only Americans taking any real stand.
Shame on all Americans. We are as a society week, apathetic, somnabulant, narcissitic, supremist, and ignorant, and our young people, (outside the military) are somnabulant posers, and losers pretending things will somehow improve, but lacking the courage to face reality, and right the wrongs of a government run amock, perverting and betraying all that America stands for and once defended, and hurling all of us into a future of neverendingwar.
Peace is courageous.War is the work of weeklings.
The newleft if it exists will fight these battles on the net, in the political arena and in the streets, or nothing will change, and America will be doomed.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hello out there....!

Josh Marshall reports the White House is firing U.S. Attorneys all over the nation, some of whom are investigating corruption cases involving "Bush administration officials and key Republican lawmakers "for no reasons of wrongdoing and replacing them with their hand picked political appointees for the remainder of the terms of office.

Senator Diane Feinstein has addressed the Senate pointing out that this is being done by the Attorney General's office "under a little known provision in the PATRIOT Act Reauthorization to appoint interim appointments who are not subject to Senate confirmation and who could remain in place for the remainder of the Bush administration."

And all the MSM can talk about, over and over again, is about how a little boy, taken captive at age 11, didn't try to run away.

We are living in a sick, sick society. See Feinstein's speech in it's entirety below via TPM Muckraker with a hat tip to Digby.

Mr. President, I have introduced an amendment on this bill which has to do with the appointment of U.S. Attorneys. This is also the subject of the Judiciary Committee's jurisdiction, and since the Attorney General himself will be before that committee on Thursday, and I will be asking him some questions, I speak today in morning business on what I know so much about this situation.
Recently, it came to my attention that the Department of Justice has asked several U.S. Attorneys from around the country to resign their positions -- some by the end of this month -- prior to the end of their terms not based on any allegation of misconduct. In other words, they are forced resignations.

I have also heard that the Attorney General plans to appoint interim replacements and potentially avoid Senate confirmation by leaving an interim U.S. Attorney in place for the remainder of the Bush administration.

How does this happen? The Department sought and essentially was given new authority under a little known provision in the PATRIOT Act Reauthorization to appoint interim appointments who are not subject to Senate confirmation and who could remain in place for the remainder of the Bush administration.

To date, I know of at least seven U.S. Attorneys forced to resign without cause, without any allegations of misconduct. These include two from my home State, San Diego and San Francisco, as well as U.S. Attorneys from New Mexico, Nevada, Arkansas, Texas, Washington and Arizona.

In California, press reports indicate that Carol Lam, U.S. Attorney for San Diego, has been asked to leave her position, as has Kevin Ryan of San Francisco. The public response has been shock. Peter Nunez, who served as the San Diego U.S. Attorney from 1982 to 1988, has said, ‘This is like nothing I've ever seen in my 35-plus years.’

He went on to say that while the President has the authority to fire a U.S. Attorney for any reason, it is ‘extremely rare’ unless there is an allegation of misconduct.

To my knowledge, there are no allegations of misconduct having to do with Carol Lam. She is a distinguished former judge. Rather, the only explanation I have seen are concerns that were expressed about prioritizing public corruption cases over smuggling and gun cases.

The most well-known case involves a U.S. Attorney in Arkansas. Senators Pryor and Lincoln have raised significant concerns about how "Bud" Cummins was asked to resign and in his place the administration appointed their top lawyer in charge of political opposition research, Tim Griffin. I have been told Mr. Griffin is quite young, 37, and Senators Pryor and Lincoln have expressed concerns about press reports that have indicated Mr. Griffin has been a political operative for the RNC.

While the administration has confirmed that 5 to 10 U.S. Attorneys have been asked to leave, I have not been given specific details about why these individuals were asked to leave. Around the country, though, U.S. Attorneys are bringing many of the most important and complex cases being prosecuted. They are responsible for taking the lead on public corruption cases and many of the antiterrorist efforts in the country. As a matter of fact, we just had the head of the FBI, Bob Mueller, come before the Judiciary Committee at our oversight hearing and tell us how they have dropped the priority of violent crime prosecution and, instead, are taking up public corruption cases; ergo, it only follows that the U.S. Attorneys would be prosecuting public corruption cases.

As a matter of fact, the rumor has it -- and this is only rumor -- that U.S. Attorney Lam, who carried out the prosecution of the Duke Cunningham case, has other cases pending whereby, rumor has it, Members of Congress have been subpoenaed. I have also been told that this interrupts the flow of the prosecution of these cases, to have the present U.S. attorney be forced to resign by the end of this month.

Now, U.S. Attorneys play a vital role in combating traditional crimes such as narcotics trafficking, bank robbery, guns, violence, environmental crimes, civil rights, and fraud, as well as taking the lead on prosecuting computer hacking, Internet fraud, and intellectual property theft, accounting and securities fraud, and computer chip theft.

How did all of this happen? This is an interesting story. Apparently, when Congress reauthorized the PATRIOT Act last year, a provision was included that modified the statute that determines how long interim appointments are made. The PATRIOT Act Reauthorization changed the law to allow interim appointments to serve indefinitely rather than for a limited 120 days. Prior to the PATRIOT Act Reauthorization and the 1986 law, when a vacancy arose, the court nominated an interim U.S. Attorney until the Senate confirmed a Presidential nominee. The PATRIOT Act Reauthorization in 2006 removed the 120-day limit on that appointment, so now the Attorney General can nominate someone who goes in without any confirmation hearing by this Senate and serve as U.S. Attorney for the remainder of the President's term in office. This is a way, simply stated, of avoiding a Senate confirmation of a U.S. Attorney.

The rationale to give the authority to the court has been that since district court judges are also subject to Senate confirmation and are not political positions, there is greater likelihood that their choice of who should serve as an interim U.S. Attorney would be chosen based on merit and not manipulated for political reasons. To me, this makes good sense.

Finally, by having the district court make the appointments, and not the Attorney General, the process provides an incentive for the administration to move quickly to appoint a replacement and to work in cooperation with the Senate to get the best qualified candidate confirmed.

I strongly believe we should return this power to district courts to appoint interim U.S. Attorneys. That is why last week, Senator Leahy, the incoming Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, the Senator from Arkansas, Senator Pryor, and I filed a bill that would do just that. Our bill simply restores the statute to what it once was and gives the authority to appoint interim U.S. Attorneys back to the district court where the vacancy arises.

I could press this issue on this bill. However, I do not want to do so because I have been saying I want to keep this bill as clean as possible, that it is restricted to the items that are the purpose of the bill, not elections or any other such things. I ought to stick to my own statement.

Clearly, the President has the authority to choose who he wants working in his administration and to choose who should replace an individual when there is a vacancy. But the U.S. Attorneys’ job is too important for there to be unnecessary disruptions, or, worse, any appearance of undue influence. At a time when we are talking about toughening the consequences for public corruption, we should change the law to ensure that our top prosecutors who are taking on these cases are free from interference or the appearance of impropriety. This is an important change to the law. Again, I will question the Attorney General Thursday about it when he is before the Judiciary Committee for an oversight hearing.

I am particularly concerned because of the inference in all of this that is drawn to manipulation in the lineup of cases to be prosecuted by a U.S. Attorney. In the San Diego case, at the very least, we have people from the FBI indicating that Carol Lam has not only been a straight shooter but a very good prosecutor. Therefore, it is surprising to me to see that she would be, in effect, forced out, without cause. This would go for any other U.S. Attorney among the seven who are on that list.

We have something we need to look into, that we need to exercise our oversight on, and I believe very strongly we should change the law back to where a Federal judge makes this appointment on an interim basis subject to regular order, whereby the President nominates and the Senate confirms a replacement.

Bizarro World

On CNN just now, I heard yet another soldier repeat the mantra that if they don't fight the enemy in Iraq, then the enemy will be over here, attacking us in the U.S.

Bless his heart and bless him for his service. May God protect him and may every American citizen love him.

Who has made this soldier, and so many like him, think that fighting in Iraq makes the United States of America unreachable and invisible to any terrorists who wants to attack us? I would really like to know who the hell is feeding our soldiers this complete and total false logic? Or are they simply telling their own selves this to be able to stand fighting in this war?

Our soldiers are not fighting "our" enemy. They are fighting because they are being attacked by Shi'ites and Sunnis both because they are standing in the way of the Shi'ites and Sunnis who are simply trying to kill each other.

By being there, they are only making the situation worse and the fault for that lies solely at the feet of our so-called President Bush.

But that is beside the point. The points are: fighting in Iraq is not protecting America, it is further endangering America; fighting in Iraq does not make the United States invisible to those who would be our enemies; fighting in Iraq does not make those who would be our enemy unable to come to the U.S.; fighting in Iraq sucks up billions and billions of dollars that could be spent to make the U.S. more secure from those who would be our enemy gaining access to our citizens, our cities, our power plants, our infrastructure, our everything and so endangers us more.

If our enemy was a standing army, supported and sponsored by another country, then our best defense would indeed be an offense by what should be the most powerful military force in the world.

Our enemy is not. Our enemy is a loose confederation of terrorists, supported by some independent multi-billionaires and possibly some elements of some countries, perhaps, able to fight only by inspiring fear and terror by direct attack on our citizens, able to infiltrate into this country and bomb, and kill, and terrorize. The only way to defend against such an enemy is to actually defend the borders, and protect potential targets, and by all out police and investigation activities against these criminals. Which is exactly what is not being done to the extent it should be done because we are spending our treasure by using our military to police an entirely different country!

The only possible route to victory is acknowledging this truth and changing our actions appropriately. That is victory.

We are living in bizarro world.

Monday, January 15, 2007

A rambling rant on a Fresh Start

I just saw on the MSNBC ticker where Biden and Dodd are in SC today, participating in the NAACP rally and calling for the "removal of the Confederate flag from the state capitol building".

First: the flag is not on the state capitol building, it is beside the statue of a Confederate soldier, where it belongs. The NAACP won by having it removed from the statehouse, but winning doesn't get them the media publicity that it was all about to start with, so they continue to fight to have it obliterated from the south by focusing still on SC. Not gonna happen. Descendants of Confederate soldiers have as much right to honor their ancestors as the descendants of slaves. The Civil War is over. The South lost and was set back at least a hundred years. Isn't that enough after 150 years?

Second: the "Confederate" flag is not being displayed, it is the battle flag that doesn't represent the Confederacy so much as the men who fought, which, admittedly has been adopted by certain racist groups but that's not it's fault. Personally, since it has, I think we should take it down and replace it with the real flag of the Confederacy. But, even that wouldn't satisfy the NAACP. They would just continue their media war to draw attention to themselves. Why don't they do something constructive to honor their ancestors, like erect another bronze statue beside the Confederate soldier to commemorate the suffering of slavery. Something like a slave breaking free of his chains. I think that would be a wonderful addition to the state house grounds.

Third: the Civil War was not fought over slavery. When is that going to penetrate the consciousness of this country? The Civil War was fought over Federalism vs. Jeffersonian Democracy. Federalism won, much to the detriment of this country as is clearly evident in the disasterous current circumstances. We have an imperial Presidency now, actively subverting the Constitution, exactly what Washington and Jefferson warned us against.

Fourth: Biden and Dodd are foolish, if not outright fools. Black people in the south already overwhelmingly vote Democratic. That is not going to change anytime soon. Supporting this position of the NAACP is not going to affect that either way. However, the last thing other native Southerners, regardless of political bent, will appreciate is having Yankees come down here and tell us what to do and how we should think or feel. For God's sake, haven't they learned this lesson yet? There is no better way to alienate those of us who are Democrats or Independents so that we would sooner vote for Satan himself. By doing this, Biden and Dodd have lost any chance of succeeding in the South. They might as well open and close their campaigns right now. They have no chance.

Conversely, if Edwards were to say that he thinks the flag should be removed, that would be okay. Yes, I said that would be completely acceptable. Why? Because Edwards was born in SC and has a right to his opinion about the subject. He is the only candidate who does.

Take note that I am writing this and that I feel this way as a dyed in the wool, yaller dog Democrat with some very strong leaning socialist views, in addition to some moderate views. I admire and revere MLK on the same level I place JFK and RFK. I am very representative of any good Southern Democrat of the present day. And it pisses me off to no end to have these two northerners come down here and participate in what amounts to an inconscionable slander against my state and my people.

The South has come a very, very long way and we are sick and tired of being the whipping boy of the rest of the Union. Especially when I dare say that there are far more virulent racists in the north and the rest of the country than there are here. Down here, racists are few and far between and are largely dispersed out over the backcountry, are uneducated and poor, and have no influence over the Democratic Party whatsoever. They are so ignorant, that they still vote Republican, but even that could change considering the current state of the Republican Party. They are still Southerners and they are highly unlikely to appreciate the personal invasion of the current administration.

The Democrats are wasting a perfect opportunity and it sickens me. By selecting Denver, instead of New Orleans, they have sent a strong signal that they plan to abandon the South wholesale. They do not even have the sense to draw the worlds eyes once again to the failure of the Republicans to deal with one of the worst disasters (possibly THE worst, the Chicago fire and the SF earthquake notwithstanding) in American history.

Instead, the select Denver, where they last nominated William Jennings Bryan. William Jennings Bryan!!!! For God's sake! And you know the media is going to have a field day with that! If you don't know about him, go rent "Inherit the Wind". Note: he wasn't played by Spencer Tracy.

I guess the Party has bought wholesale into the Schaller bullshit. It is not going to work, I am telling you now. Mark these words: If the Democratic Party does not take at least one or two Southern states, they will not win the Presidency. I guarantee it.

What is so pathetic is that if the Dems had leaders worth a shit, we could have a real historical win for the country. John Edwards, President, and Barack Obama, Vice President would be my ideal dream ticket.

Imagine. A progressive Southern white man and a Northern black man at the helm of the country.

John Edwards, at the top of the ticket, will take the South. Period. Obama would take the North and Northwest. Both would take California. Hell, Texas might even fall.

I know everyone is hot for Hillary, but I'm not. I think the country is sick of anyone associated with Bush AND Clinton. I don't think she can win. The country wants a FRESH START. They want to put the last two decades behind us and start anew.

And that is what Edwards/Obama would mean. A fresh start.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

You MUST see this, if you love your country

The following from Tom Watson:

"Then I went to the NYT's Website and really got lost, body and soul. Some interactive genius has created the saddest, most effective digital monument to this war's cost that I've yet beheld: an ever-changing photo map of tiny squares, each one linking to the life of a dead soldier and the whole forming the bitmapped face of life sacrificed too early and in vain. Behind that are personal stories, some recording into audio files by comrades still living. I've been clicking and reading and and listening and getting sadder by the day.

And there's nothing, really, to say.

What's the point of writing yet again about the uselessness of this adventure, its cost in lives and limbs and burned skin and terrorized, battered psyches? Of picking out another failed Bush Administration policy, another anti-American invasion of civil liberties, another poor decision? For what? This keyboard can't bring them back. Their families must go on living without them forever, knowing that their lives were cast away in adventurous frivolity by a bunch of think-tankers and oilmen. Who can say our young men and women are "defending democracy" now, as the shouts of "Moktada! Moktada!" still echo in the American-built death chamber?

We can oppose this phony "surge" on our blogs all we want, but we're still throwing away our own young for a lost and immoral cause - day in and day out, more die needlessly. They die now to protect the ego of the President; they die now because a few old men with names like Cheney and Lieberman and McCain believe that America can't sustain another defeat like Vietnam. Not on their brave, Churchillian watch. No-sir.

Well, we can sustain a defeat. We cannot sustain the bleeding. We will not. This is clear."

Flying Rodent Swoops In...

This entry by the Flying Rodent was so hilarious that I am reproducing (stealing) it in full here:

Outside The US Embassy In Athens,
Greek Police Inspect Suspicious Package
Reuters News, 12th January 2006

Searing Vid

Stole this vid from Adorable Girlfriend over at The Republic of Dogs, one of the coolest blogs out there, but I know AG won't mind. She's awesome like that, but apparently has the crud like me so go send her some love.

No! Not that kind of love! That kind of love won't fit thru the intertubes. (Unless you're a certain goyim doctor, and if you can reach her then I'm next in line!) Good, clean internets love. Truck it on over. Now.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Who will build our wall?

Plover has a magnificent post over at 3Bulls. Read it, read it all.

Then compare it with this piece of tripe by the self-so-called Socrates at Redstate, via Alicublog.

The erstwhile philosopher attempts to convince us that the purpose of war is "Victory!". How utterly fucking ridiculous. Victory might be the short term objective, but as any third grade student of history can tell you, the purpose of war is POWER. Pure, unadulterated power over the subjugated populace of the defeated and their land and natural resources.

Which is why a good and decent democracy has no business engaging in any war unless attacked. Period.

Which is why we had and have no business in Iraq. They did not attack us. We have no right to attack Iran or Syria. They have not attacked us, nor declared war upon us. Not even Korea.

Do I want Iran or Korea to possess nuclear bombs? Hell, no. Did I want the Soviet Union or China to develop nuclear weaponry? Obviously, no. Have any of these countries attacked us or declared war upon us? No. Which is why we never waged war upon them, save for the deplorable and largely unsuccessful proxy wars of the Cold War. Not even when the Soviet Union threatened us directly with the missiles in Cuba, though we came dangerously close to a mutual confrontation.

Holy mother of crap, can you imagine it if Bush and his neo-con madmen had been at the helm of this country in that time? No, because you wouldn't have ever existed or be long evaporated.

Should we negotiate with these entities on a diplomatic level? Absolutely. Diplomacy is war by other means, as someone, don't remember who, once said. And the diplomacy should be backed by the full power of our military capacity, had we any left. Bush and his ne0-cons have squandered our power by using it up, for true power lies in it's being held in abeyance. Once wielded, it becomes might. We have lost our might, wasted on an unnecessary and unjustifiable war. Therefore, we are a weak puppy, unable to even engage in beneficial diplomacy.

The Romans were no fools. They knew when to draw the line on their empire. They knew when the cost of conquest was not worth the expenditure. That is the lesson of Hadrian's wall. You would think that we would have learned that by now. There is no shame in knowing your limitations.

PS - I, too, cried for the elephants in Plover's post. It's too bad the Dems and Pugs can't switch mascots. The elephant's are dreadfully misappropriated, while stubborn jackasses couldn't be more apt for them rather than the Dems.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

We are all bleeding

Drat! Drat! Drat! Phooey!

There is so much I'd like to blog about if I had half a brain and half a body. I am so desperate to find a way to get my hands on a few months worth of Gastrocrom (cromolyn sodium), the only thing to liberates my brain from the wash of chemicals it is constantly drowning in and let's me THINK, I stayed up all night last night trying to find options, sources, something... only to find frustration. Looks like there's no way to get even a months worth without growing $680 on a tree somewhere. (Please click on my sponsor ads!) Even if I do eventually get the paperwork done for Medicare and actually get on it, Gastrocrom is one of 7 drugs for rare diseases that the National Organization for Rare Diseases is fighting to get coverage for on Medicare Part D. Only a few carriers cover it. It's recently been purchased by an Irish pharmaceutical company, and so far, I haven't found it even covered by any prescription assistance program.

Damn this government. Damn this government to hell. I mean it. They fuck over blind people who can't even identify the new money now, online phone services for deaf people are being taken over by criminals, and those American's with the rarest of diseases are shit out of luck, even more than any American with any health issue at all who would prefer to not have to go bankrupt to pay for their lives.

Obviously, it's being run by a chimp. One that is possibly a "dry drunk" chimp at that.

What is the dry drunk syndrome? "Dry drunk" traits consist of:

Exaggerated self-importance and pomposity
Grandiose behavior
A rigid, judgmental outlook
Childish behavior
Irresponsible behavior
Irrational rationalization

Ahhh, I know this would be better posted over at my rare and mysterious disease blog, but sometimes it just has to bleed over.

Well, at least my dream lover is doing another "Special Comment". He says it all so much more eloquently than I could even in my better days. I heart Keith, still.
Carlson v. Chuckles

Tucker Carlson has had Chuckles, one of us lowly bloggers,
fired from his job for mentioning that the Tuckbag visited his place of (former) employment, a video store.

In my opinion,
the post was completely innocuous and much, much less inflammatory than anything I would have posted had I run across the slimebag.

Then, last Friday night:

Compare what I wrote to this absolutely true exchange from Friday night when you marched into the store:

Tucker: If you keep this shit up, I will fucking destroy you.
The Genius (Me): Whoah, perhaps you would like to take this outside where you can continue threatening me without disturbing the other customers.
Tucker: *Looks out the window, then back at me* I am not threatening you.
The Genius: You just said you would fucking destroy me.
Tucker: No, I didn't.

I can see where I might have erred in my previous post. I wasn't a belligerent chundernozzle. At one point, Tucker was heard to exclaim

"Don't whoah me"

in response to my attempts to bring the conversation back into the realm of sanity. Since I am a basically nice guy, I even took down the post. Upon learning that Tucker followed through on his threat of destruction, I republished the post that so aggravated him and was allegedly threatening.

Chuckles also relates how just a day or two ago, his former co-worker was hassled by a man claiming to be Carlson's attorney, demanding Chuckles personal info.

This story is being re-posted all over the internets and appears to be truthful. Pass it on. Let's hope Carlson gets his due, if not by legal retaliatory means, then at least via the blogosphere. Hopefully, if it's spread far and wide enough, the MSM will pick up on it.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Ha! Just found this via Atrios...

But far more troubling is the notion that the Bush administration has shaped its escalation plan in part to spite the ISG.

Although the president was publicly polite, few of the key Baker-Hamilton recommendations appealed to the administration, which intensified its own deliberations over a new “way forward” in Iraq. How to look distinctive from the study group became a recurring theme.

As described by participants in the administration review, some staff members on the National Security Council became enamored of the idea of sending more troops to Iraq in part because it was not a key feature of Baker-Hamilton. (emphasis added)

Ahh, the chimp is speaking. Somebody turn off the mike...

Damn right, the "situation" in Iraq is unacceptable to the American people.

Sick in every way

I have a cold on top of my usual rare and mysterious disease, and now I have to deal with being completely nauseated by the alleged President, Mr. Bush, and what he is doing TO SPITE the vast majority of the American populace.

I'm revolted beyond words.

Friday, January 05, 2007

McCain's "bite me" Ploy

I'd just like to point out that way back on November 15th, I posted my thoughts about McCain using calling for troop escalation in Iraq as a political ploy over at America's Most Wanted. A ploy which is apparently now about to bite him in the ass and which he is attempting to qualify as now having to be "substantial and sustained" to be effective, at the neo-con fortress, the American Enterprise Institute. I just watched Olbermann and Huffington discuss it, and have seen the same conclusion reached by many since, and although I may not have been the first to take notice, I didn't notice any taking notice before I noticed. Heh.

Here's a bit:

I just don't believe that he is making this call for increased troop strength in Iraq based on military judgement. I believe it is a political ploy and a political ploy only. (I know, you're shocked, shocked, right?)

McCain knows full well that the possibility of a massive influx of troops into this whirlpool to hell we find ourselves in is, at best, nil. So, then what? Iraq dives straight through the whirlpool into the depths of hell as soon as we withdraw, which is our only real option even under the best of circumstances, no matter how much we do to try to avoid such an outcome. How does that position McCain for his run for the presidency?

How about "I told you so, I told you so!", "If only the liberal Democrats had taken my advice and backed a massive deployment of additional troops, this wouldn't have happened" (even though it would have, of course, but who would be able to prove it?)

McCain, who was a lousy student at the U.S. Naval Academy, graduating 5th from the bottom of his class, is, nonetheless, no dummy when it comes to being a politician.

"I shoulda stayed...

"...up in this tree, and maybe I'd still have my balls!" - Elvis

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Death by Listerine

I almost died today. From Listerine. Actually, Listerine is innocent. Just another episode due to my rare and mysterious disease, which I have been suffering from a great deal lately, hence the scarcity of postings. It was my body attempting to launch a full scale, no chemical left behind attack on the poor substance. Anaphalaxis. Not a shocker, I'm a leaker.

I should have gone to the hospital, but I cannot afford nor get insurance.

I should have had an epi-pen on hand, but I cannot afford nor get insurance.

I am a native born citizen of the most powerful, most prosperous nation in the history of mankind, and I may very well die from leukemia because we have no health care system which would provide me with the necessary care in order to prevent my current condition to mutating to blood cancer.

Were I a Roman citizen, had they possessed the technology and wherewithal we possess today, would this have been my fate? My life?

Oh no. The Senate would have had none of it. Nor would have the Praetorian Guard.

Why do we?