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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A magnificent beast

The world has lost a magnificent beast, sadly. Barbaro showed more heart in drive to win on the racetrack and in his bravery and determination to live than any horse I've seen in my lifetime.

There are few animal lovers more fervent than I, but I love horse racing when it is conducted with the health and well-being of the racers uppermost, as it is for the very most part in this country. I hold no ill will toward racetracks, the sport of racing, the owners of racing thoroghbreds and certainly not his owners. I admire them and sympathize with them for their devotion to this animal. They did all they could, but I knew in my heart the inevitability of his death the moment I witnessed the injury. It tore out my heart as does the hurt of any living creature.

His hurt was a good deal more profound than most. Why? Because as anyone who knows horses could tell you from his behavior before the race, in the paddock as well as how he burst prematurely through the gate, his spirit was determined to win that race. He was doing what he loved. He was attempting to fulfill a destiny that was bred into his very genes. I believe he would have won the triple crown. It was written in his eyes and all over those magnificent flanks.

I have loved horses with a passion since a little girl and ridden a good deal though never enough. Arabians are born to run. Arabians are happiest with a rider on their back. My mother had several Arabians she spoilt like pets, but as wild as they were, they were happier once they began their training. You could see it in their eyes. They needed purpose.

Barbaro had a purpose and he strove with all his might to fulfill that purpose. Let us all learn a lesson from his all too brief life.


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