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Monday, January 15, 2007

A rambling rant on a Fresh Start

I just saw on the MSNBC ticker where Biden and Dodd are in SC today, participating in the NAACP rally and calling for the "removal of the Confederate flag from the state capitol building".

First: the flag is not on the state capitol building, it is beside the statue of a Confederate soldier, where it belongs. The NAACP won by having it removed from the statehouse, but winning doesn't get them the media publicity that it was all about to start with, so they continue to fight to have it obliterated from the south by focusing still on SC. Not gonna happen. Descendants of Confederate soldiers have as much right to honor their ancestors as the descendants of slaves. The Civil War is over. The South lost and was set back at least a hundred years. Isn't that enough after 150 years?

Second: the "Confederate" flag is not being displayed, it is the battle flag that doesn't represent the Confederacy so much as the men who fought, which, admittedly has been adopted by certain racist groups but that's not it's fault. Personally, since it has, I think we should take it down and replace it with the real flag of the Confederacy. But, even that wouldn't satisfy the NAACP. They would just continue their media war to draw attention to themselves. Why don't they do something constructive to honor their ancestors, like erect another bronze statue beside the Confederate soldier to commemorate the suffering of slavery. Something like a slave breaking free of his chains. I think that would be a wonderful addition to the state house grounds.

Third: the Civil War was not fought over slavery. When is that going to penetrate the consciousness of this country? The Civil War was fought over Federalism vs. Jeffersonian Democracy. Federalism won, much to the detriment of this country as is clearly evident in the disasterous current circumstances. We have an imperial Presidency now, actively subverting the Constitution, exactly what Washington and Jefferson warned us against.

Fourth: Biden and Dodd are foolish, if not outright fools. Black people in the south already overwhelmingly vote Democratic. That is not going to change anytime soon. Supporting this position of the NAACP is not going to affect that either way. However, the last thing other native Southerners, regardless of political bent, will appreciate is having Yankees come down here and tell us what to do and how we should think or feel. For God's sake, haven't they learned this lesson yet? There is no better way to alienate those of us who are Democrats or Independents so that we would sooner vote for Satan himself. By doing this, Biden and Dodd have lost any chance of succeeding in the South. They might as well open and close their campaigns right now. They have no chance.

Conversely, if Edwards were to say that he thinks the flag should be removed, that would be okay. Yes, I said that would be completely acceptable. Why? Because Edwards was born in SC and has a right to his opinion about the subject. He is the only candidate who does.

Take note that I am writing this and that I feel this way as a dyed in the wool, yaller dog Democrat with some very strong leaning socialist views, in addition to some moderate views. I admire and revere MLK on the same level I place JFK and RFK. I am very representative of any good Southern Democrat of the present day. And it pisses me off to no end to have these two northerners come down here and participate in what amounts to an inconscionable slander against my state and my people.

The South has come a very, very long way and we are sick and tired of being the whipping boy of the rest of the Union. Especially when I dare say that there are far more virulent racists in the north and the rest of the country than there are here. Down here, racists are few and far between and are largely dispersed out over the backcountry, are uneducated and poor, and have no influence over the Democratic Party whatsoever. They are so ignorant, that they still vote Republican, but even that could change considering the current state of the Republican Party. They are still Southerners and they are highly unlikely to appreciate the personal invasion of the current administration.

The Democrats are wasting a perfect opportunity and it sickens me. By selecting Denver, instead of New Orleans, they have sent a strong signal that they plan to abandon the South wholesale. They do not even have the sense to draw the worlds eyes once again to the failure of the Republicans to deal with one of the worst disasters (possibly THE worst, the Chicago fire and the SF earthquake notwithstanding) in American history.

Instead, the select Denver, where they last nominated William Jennings Bryan. William Jennings Bryan!!!! For God's sake! And you know the media is going to have a field day with that! If you don't know about him, go rent "Inherit the Wind". Note: he wasn't played by Spencer Tracy.

I guess the Party has bought wholesale into the Schaller bullshit. It is not going to work, I am telling you now. Mark these words: If the Democratic Party does not take at least one or two Southern states, they will not win the Presidency. I guarantee it.

What is so pathetic is that if the Dems had leaders worth a shit, we could have a real historical win for the country. John Edwards, President, and Barack Obama, Vice President would be my ideal dream ticket.

Imagine. A progressive Southern white man and a Northern black man at the helm of the country.

John Edwards, at the top of the ticket, will take the South. Period. Obama would take the North and Northwest. Both would take California. Hell, Texas might even fall.

I know everyone is hot for Hillary, but I'm not. I think the country is sick of anyone associated with Bush AND Clinton. I don't think she can win. The country wants a FRESH START. They want to put the last two decades behind us and start anew.

And that is what Edwards/Obama would mean. A fresh start.

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