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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Death by Listerine

I almost died today. From Listerine. Actually, Listerine is innocent. Just another episode due to my rare and mysterious disease, which I have been suffering from a great deal lately, hence the scarcity of postings. It was my body attempting to launch a full scale, no chemical left behind attack on the poor substance. Anaphalaxis. Not a shocker, I'm a leaker.

I should have gone to the hospital, but I cannot afford nor get insurance.

I should have had an epi-pen on hand, but I cannot afford nor get insurance.

I am a native born citizen of the most powerful, most prosperous nation in the history of mankind, and I may very well die from leukemia because we have no health care system which would provide me with the necessary care in order to prevent my current condition to mutating to blood cancer.

Were I a Roman citizen, had they possessed the technology and wherewithal we possess today, would this have been my fate? My life?

Oh no. The Senate would have had none of it. Nor would have the Praetorian Guard.

Why do we?


Anonymous said...

That's the thing with Bush, he is so busy sending people to kill and be killed that he cant afford to make sure that the people he is supposed to care about can afford to live!

Dating said...

Sad article :(