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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bizarro World

On CNN just now, I heard yet another soldier repeat the mantra that if they don't fight the enemy in Iraq, then the enemy will be over here, attacking us in the U.S.

Bless his heart and bless him for his service. May God protect him and may every American citizen love him.

Who has made this soldier, and so many like him, think that fighting in Iraq makes the United States of America unreachable and invisible to any terrorists who wants to attack us? I would really like to know who the hell is feeding our soldiers this complete and total false logic? Or are they simply telling their own selves this to be able to stand fighting in this war?

Our soldiers are not fighting "our" enemy. They are fighting because they are being attacked by Shi'ites and Sunnis both because they are standing in the way of the Shi'ites and Sunnis who are simply trying to kill each other.

By being there, they are only making the situation worse and the fault for that lies solely at the feet of our so-called President Bush.

But that is beside the point. The points are: fighting in Iraq is not protecting America, it is further endangering America; fighting in Iraq does not make the United States invisible to those who would be our enemies; fighting in Iraq does not make those who would be our enemy unable to come to the U.S.; fighting in Iraq sucks up billions and billions of dollars that could be spent to make the U.S. more secure from those who would be our enemy gaining access to our citizens, our cities, our power plants, our infrastructure, our everything and so endangers us more.

If our enemy was a standing army, supported and sponsored by another country, then our best defense would indeed be an offense by what should be the most powerful military force in the world.

Our enemy is not. Our enemy is a loose confederation of terrorists, supported by some independent multi-billionaires and possibly some elements of some countries, perhaps, able to fight only by inspiring fear and terror by direct attack on our citizens, able to infiltrate into this country and bomb, and kill, and terrorize. The only way to defend against such an enemy is to actually defend the borders, and protect potential targets, and by all out police and investigation activities against these criminals. Which is exactly what is not being done to the extent it should be done because we are spending our treasure by using our military to police an entirely different country!

The only possible route to victory is acknowledging this truth and changing our actions appropriately. That is victory.

We are living in bizarro world.

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