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Friday, June 15, 2007

Mitt's Bitch

Oh, hells bells! I've had a link up to a site named The Shot under my "Southern" category for I don't know how long. I found it in links of some of my fellow southern bloggers, most likely SC bloggers.

Lately, I've been feeling a little more under the weather with my mastocytosis, so I've been neglecting this poor blog and just hanging out, checking out other blogs, especially The Swampland as this week one of my heros and mad crushes, Mudcat Saunders, has been there stirring up a little fresh hell. I know that's no excuse for neglecting my few faithful, but I do appreciate your continuing checks for new material here. I feel guilty because I haven't been really sick and I know some of you worry. Having masto is just like you might feel when you feel like you are coming down with the flu most of the time when I'm symptomatic. Sometimes, not often, its like having the flu, when it's very active. I'm okay, just symptomatic and a little too bleech to fight it very well due to stress, so don't y'all worry, it's not like I'm dying.

Anyways...! I was just getting around to following some links that had been recommended for Saunders as he was getting his feet wet in the blogtopia (yes, Skippy coined that term) and y'all know that I don't want to miss anything.

And guess what I found?

And, at the beginning of the week, Ben Smith at The Politico revealed that the National Journal’s Hotline had to end its use of a South Carolina political Web site after learning that it had strong ties to a firm connected to Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

The site, The Daily Shot, is part-owned and written by employees of a political consulting firm that works for the former Massachusetts governor. The Hotline acted after more than a month of private complaints from the campaign of Sen. John McCain of Arizona, one of Romney’s rivals for the Republican presidential nomination, people involved in the discussions said.

Holy bejebus!

Needless to say, it is coming off my links list immediately, and I urge my fellow southern liberal/Democratic bloggers to take it down posthaste.

Why dint y'all tell me? I feel so dirty and eeeyew... used!


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