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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

God help me

CNN just had a piece about how ignorant people are about religion.

Benjamin Franklin said, "God helps those who help themselves." He said a bunch of stuff like that in Poor Richard's Almanac. I knew this. CNN did not, however, that did not keep them from "funnin'" with a bunch of poor folks who thought it was in the Bible.

Uh, I'm ignorant of something and you are too, so you're just stupid and funny.

Then, they asked a bunch of folks who wrote the Gospels. A lot of folks said they didn't know. So, CNN, thinks that is just so funny, haha. Of course, they say, it's Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Only it's not!

No one knows who really wrote the Gospels! No one! Those are just the names attributed to them.

Now, it's possible that some people may have even learned that in church and so that was why they were unsure of how to answer the question. It might be a small percentage, but it is possible.

The Book of Isaiah in the Old Testament was written by at least three authors, most likely four, but I guess if CNN were to ask "Who wrote the book of Isaiah?" and people answered "Isaiah", then CNN would laud them for being correct.

Somebody please help CNN to learn to just report the facts, ma'am, and nothing but the facts and please stop reporting lies and delving into subjects of which they know nothing whatsoever about.

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