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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

All. About. Me.

Sorry for all the "me" shit lately. Believe me, there's ton's of stuff I'd like to be ranting about instead, but since my rare and incurable disease is borderline under control at the moment, (except for short spasms), I'm trying to keep copacetic.

Ranting, or even concise, devastating analysis, oftentimes are anti-copacetic.

So I'm just tagging and saving up crap to post when no one gives a flip anymore. Plus, I'm just sooo freakin' bored with blogging about the same old crap that everyone else blogs about, especially the "big dawgs". Damn, how many takes on the same subjects do all y'all "alternative media" folks need anyway? The high traffic sites are all beginning to look a whole lot the MSM these days if you ask me. D'ya think that maybe if 100 million people have already seen the same Newsflash! on 50 million blogs, not counting every fucking news outlet in the english speaking world, ya just might not have to have it on yours?

I may be spending some time altering my blogroll to reflect this somewhat... I still haven't given my take on the whole blogroll amnesty bullshit yet, but I may let my blogroll do some of the talking for me.

For right now, I'm just glad to be only a semi-blathering idiot from mild to moderate illness activation, compared to the drooling, wobbling, completely illiterate blabbering blathering idiot I am when my symptoms are in overdrive and my poor brain is so awash in chemicals that it probably tastes like kosher dill pickle.

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